Welcome to Clean Air-Cool Planets (CA-CP) Campus Carbon Calculator blog!

The web-based Campus Carbon Calculator is live!

View a 90-minute recorded webinar introducing CarbonMAP, or view the webinar slides.

You can also view the the slides from the advanced follow-up webinar.

Thank you if you attended any of our webinars. We’ll make announcements about any other webinars through this blog, our website, the Green Schools list serv, and the AASHE Bulletin.


Version 6.9 of the Excel-based Calculator has just been released.  It includes updates and corrections from the previous v6.85.  Download the Calculator here.  For list of changes from version 6.8 to 6.85 and then to 6.9, click here.


On this blog, you’ll find:

  • information about the NEW online Campus Carbon Calculator,
  • discussion about carbon accounting, and advice on creating or updating your campus’ greenhouse gas inventory, and
  • resources from both CA-CP and the campus sustainability community.

The Discussion tab is a place to pose your questions and comments to CA-CP and to other blog readers.  Topics will be added and updated as the conversations evolve.

If you have a question about completing your greenhouse gas emissions inventory, please post it so that others who have the same question can chime in and/or view the responses.  If you feel uncomfortable posting here, feel free to contact CA-CP directly.

3 Responses to Home

  1. No Planeta B says:

    Can this calculator be used for International schools? If so, can you assist me on changing pertaining information to country like emission factors?
    Any guidance or help can be greatly appreciated.

    • coolplaneteditor says:

      We have a Canadian version of the Excel-based Calculator that we update less frequently than the U.S. version. The online Calculator is currently set up using only U.S. data. In the future we may include Canadian emission factors for electricity and other sources. However, it may be a while before we do that. What country are you in?

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